Professional Profile  
  • Thirty-five years in the computer industry
  • Provided consultant services in the following area:
    Application Design
    Database Design
    Communication Networks Design
    Peer to Peer Communication with IBM and Non-IBM Computer
    E-Commerce Solution on Microsoft and Unix Platform
Professional Experience  
  • Provided AS/400 technical support and skills transfer programs to IBM branch office personnel and customers in three state areas. Major focus was in performance tuning and capacity planning of new and upgraded systems.
  • Developed and taught the following classes for three years: "Performance and Capacity Planning for the AS/400, "AS/400 Business Recovery Consideration," "AS/400 SQL Performance Consideration," "Introduction to Relational Data Design," and "Application Design for Performance."
  • Co-author "AS/400 System Administration Guide" a J. Ranade IBM Series by McGraw-Hill, Inc.
  • Designed and developed for a manufacturing account an inventory control systems on a remote distributed system that interfaced to IMS. Applications were written on the remote system to allow for transaction up-load and restart; application development and maintenance; and problem determination at the host site.
  • Wrote FORTRAN programs for NASA that calculated the best travel path for the spacecraft traveling through an asteroid belt and the best angle of descent for a successful moon landing.
  • Guest speaker at The Application Systems Users Group of Greater Cleveland and The Association of Systems Users in Columbus. Participated in 10 events.
  • Designed and developed remote interfaces for an online services to support retrieving information from remote systems. This application interface including 3270 remote scripting, HTTP remote scripting, and program-to-program remote scripting.
  • Designed, developed and enhance transaction processing for a switch service using TCP/IP socket programming
  • Designed and developed Batch FTP products for the several accounts.
Education and Personal History  
Jesse L. Gamble CEO/President


Bachelor Of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Physics, University of Houston, Houston Texas.

IBM situation manager at the 1984 Olympics for the Volley Ball and Fencing venue.

Boy Scout Leader.

Youth Mentor

Started a community minority-based computer educational group/club 2001

Started Mr. Mid-Range, Inc in 1992.

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