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I started home schooling my daughter because I knew "the mind is a terrible thing to waste" Motto of the United Negro College Fund. More importantly it is a reality in our community that many of our young people's minds are waste beds.

As parents our responsibility is not to lose our children to any system that will rob them of the gift that God gave them from birth. This gift is never to be tampered with by the dictates of others. Our child's mind was becoming mush before our eyes. God gave us a command; "we must not lose her to the system." He challenged us to do whatever was necessary to rescue our child's mind. Home schooling is the answer.

We are not pointing a finger at persons but the attack is systematic of the influence of a satanic nature. Our schools have become a cesspool of influences. Examples are peer pressures that suggest to our children that to be smart is to be white. It matters what designer clothes you wear or don't wear. It matters what cars your parents drive you to school in. Where you live denotes wealth or poverty. Children isolate schoolmates in an attempt to make statements of who belongs and to point out those who do not fit the criteria of the group in question. We have teachers that spend too much time having to deal with unruly students and uncaring parents. The teachers in many cases are burnt out in a vocation that pays very little. The respect level for teachers in the general population is at an all time disrespectful level. These examples are only a few reasons why my daughter in particular could and would not function in this environment. I recognized that she needed a one on one environment with no distractions of any kind. A healthy environment carefully created to totally nurture her spirit, body, soul and mind.

We as parents have created this environment under the critical eyes of educators, friends, critics and family. What keeps us encouraged are the words from others that understand our charge that God has given us and more importantly the improvements we see daily in the totally development of our child. To my astonishment there is so much material on home schooling that my task of where to begin was very easy. The encouragement of other parents who had already been through the home schooling experience was such a blessing. They made suggestions and warned me of pitfalls and exposed their weaknesses and strengths that they experienced in home schooling.

Home schooling parents are not experts in education. We do know our children and the potential our children are capable of exhibiting with the proper tools and experiences. We have the power and awesome duty to give them the environment that will teach our children to master skills both new and refresh their minds of the skills they once knew and either have forgotten or lacked the focus to retain the information.

This website is intended to be an encouragement to home schooling parents and students and especially to those of you thinking about home schooling. A year ago I looked at every web site available to aid me in my decision and plans to home school. The following are websites that helped me get started. I will add to this website frequently. Please express your suggestions and thoughts about our web site. I would like to start an online chat room for parents as well as students. We have much to share with one another and look forward to meeting you online…for "knowledge is power"………




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"Take the shackles off my feet (mind) so I can praise Him"…Mary Mary


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