AS/400 Base


Batch FTP product with deliver, archive, re-transmission and acknowledgement services.

Spool archive product with retrieval and reprint function.


Any Platform Base


Java Programming interface to support remote queue to different search engine.

Specializing in Business Web and E-Commence project as it relates to:  
  • Application Design
  • Database Design
  • Client Security Design
  • Business Connectivity to IBM and Non-IBM Computers
Specializing in Business Computer Information as it relates to the IBM AS/400. Activities includes:  

Business Recovery Planning


Communication Connectivity

  • AS/400 to PC
  • AS/400 to LAN's
  • AS/400 to IBM Mainframe (IBM3090, ES9000)
  • AS/400 to UNIX (RS/6000)
  • AS/400 to Other Computer Hardware (DEC, HP, UNISYS)

System Management

Performance Tuning

Capacity Planning


Application Design For Performance

Custom programming

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